Total Trainer DVD featuring The Barry Method

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Product Description

Total Trainer workouts using the Barry Method
Model: Barry-Method

The Barry Method is a revolutionary fitness and rehabilitation program that goes far beyond isolating muscles for individual work. Colette creates visual connections that harmonize your mind and body during your workout.

You can use this system to center your core, increase flexibility and subsequently improve strength. You will achieve the ultimate in muscle efficiency on the Bayou Fitness Total Trainer by communicating with your muscles the way Colette does.

Program Highlights:

CORE WORKOUT- These fun and easy workouts will leave you amazed. Develop a solid core quickly and efficiently by utilizing breathwork and muscle recruiting concepts, leaving your body lighter and more energized in the process.

STRENGTH & CONDITIONING - Attain the whole body workout you desire. Receive the ultimate challenge from beginning to end as your range of motion and flexibility improve drastically after just a few sessions.

ASSEMBLING OF THE TOTAL TRAINER - Watch Theresa demonstrate how to use your Total Trainer safely and effectively.


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